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Mehli Mehta Music Foundation’s Discover Music Programme

Discover Music Programme is an interactive programme developed by the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation and that introduces young children to the basic elements of music and musical instruments.  Over 300 children in primary school are covered under this programme that runs at one of Aseema Charitable Trust’s schools in Mumbai. Conducted by specially trained music teachers, each 45 minute class has children learn pulse, rhythm and movement through songs, games and playing percussion instruments in creative and imaginative ways.

Mehli Mehta Music Foundation’s Discover Music Programme is part of the Dream Up programme, a global education project managed by the BNP Paribas Foundation. This corporate philanthropy programme encourages the integration of socially excluded young people through arts practice. It is currently running in 26 countries on 5 continents.

What the children said:

Picture1 Our Music class this year is different. Our teacher teaches us many songs, so we like the music class. My favourite song is Rum Sum Sum.
-Zannatunisa Chudihar
Std. IV
Picture2 There are two teachers in my Music class. It is a very special class. I hope I have this class next year also. I like music time too much. I like the apple song.
-Saif Khan
Std. IV
Picture3 Raell teacher and Megan teacher are very good. They have a very sweet voice. They teach very nicely and make lots of fun in class.
-Yamin Shaikh
Std. III
Picture4 If sometimes class is cancelled I feel very bad. Now, I sing at home also.
-Nisha Prajapati
Std. IV