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January 6, 2009 -

EcoTV: policy mix orientations, The EUR/USD, South Africa … all in video

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The webTV for BNP Paribas economists, is presented by the journalist Sybille Deshedin. On the agenda every month is Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research; as well as two interviews regarding the top headlines in the international economic world. EcoTV is the monthly economic news source in video.

This month, the three subjects are dedicated to the: policy mix orientations, The EUR/USD and South Africa.

What policy mix orientations in 2009 ?
Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research

“ […] So what is said about the dangers in the long term when it comes to excess in indebtedness, you have high interest to pay, and this part of government expenditure cannot be allocated somewhere else. […]. ”

The EUR/USD in 2009
Eric Vergnaud, OCDE Economist

“ […] These downward convergence in interest rates, repatriation of funds from regions deemed to be more at risk, and the globalization of the economic crisis, all of which expalin the strengthening of the dollar since August – are likely to suport the dollar again in the next future.”

South Africa : external accounts are vulnerable
Jean-Loïc Guieze, OCDE Economist
“[…] Fortunately, most of the country works with the local currency, which means that the dollar supply squeeze has not weighed on the interbank markets and banks have continued to provide corporate with credit facilities. ”

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