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December 8, 2009 - ,

EcoTV December 2009: Long-term consequences of the recession, impact of the crisis on emerging countries, and the Copenhagen summit … All in video

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The webTV for BNP Paribas economists, is presented by the journalist Sybille Deshedin. On the agenda every month is Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research; as well as two interviews regarding the top headlines in the international economic world. EcoTV is the monthly economic news source in video.

This month, the three subjects are:

Crisis: Any long term effects?
Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research

“ […] However there is something a bit more positive, to some extent I should say, which is the so called cleansing effect, that is you have units of production that are not efficient and that disappeared, which is of course positive for productivity. […] ”

Emerging economies: The way out of the crisis
Guy Longueville, OCDE Economist

“ […] We are expecting a gap in growth between emerging countries and developed countries probably higher than before the crisis. […] ”

Copenhagen summit: What is at stake?
Raymond Van Der Putten, OCDE Economist

“ […] The best tool for reducing green house gases is to attach a price to carbon emissions, the so-called carbon pricing. This can be done by carbon taxes for households and small energy users. […] ”

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