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Beware of Fictitious Offer of Prize / Lottery / Money Tranfers from Abroad – Message from the Reserve Bank of India

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RBI Press Release

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Bank Service Charges

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Customers Policies

  1. Customer Service Policy
  2. Customer Rights Policy
  3. Compensation Policy

BNP Paribas Policy document on
(a) immediate credit of local / outstation cheques
(b) time frame for collection of local / oustation cheques
(c) interest payment for delayed collection

BNP Paribas Cheque Collection Policy (76 ko)
BNP Paribas Deposit Policy (247 ko)

BNP Paribas – Collection of Dues and Security Repossession Policy
Customer Complaint Policy 

Policy on Customer Protection and Unauthorized Electronic Banking Transactions

Customer Complaints

As per the Client Complaint Redressal and Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006, Clients are requested to kindly contact our concerned Branch Managers, who will be at your disposal for redressal of any complaints that you may have to your satisfaction. If the redressal is not met or addressed by our bank to your requirement, you may approach the Banking Ombudsman.

RBI Ombudsman Scheme (117 ko)
Addresses of Banking Ombudsman (17 ko)
Banking Complaint 2006 Complaint Form (18 ko)
Complaint Form through Internet (72 ko)

Please note that the appellate authority for the Banking Ombudsman Scheme is the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India

BNP Paribas India is also a member of the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India, Mumbai

BNP Paribas BCSBI Code (336 ko)
MSE Code (130 ko)

The copies of the ‘Code of Bank’s Commitmens to Individua Customers’ are available at the counters of all our branches. Information required in terms of RBI Circular No.DBOD.No.Leg BC. 60 / 09.07.005 / 2006-07 February 22, 2007 regarding Analysis and Disclosure of complaints – Disclosure of complaints / unimplemented awards of Banking Ombudsmen along with Financial Results.

During the Financial Year 2018-19

A. Customer Complaints

(a) No. of complaints pending at the beginning of the year: 4
(b) No. of complaints received during the year: 58
(c) No. of complaints redressed during the year: 60
(d) No. of complaints pending at the end of the year: 2

B. Awards passed by the Banking Ombudsman
(a) No. of unimplemented Awards at the beginning of the year: NIL
(b) No. of Awards passed by the Banking Ombudsmen during the year: NIL
(c) No. of Awards implemented during the year: NIL
(d) No. of unimplemented Awards at the end of the year : NIL

Code Compliance Officer – Mr. Minesh Korde                                                    (Email –

 Grievance Officer – Mr. Noel Lobo                                                                           (Email –

BNP Paribas India
BNP Paribas House,
1 North Avenue, Maker Maxity
Bandra – Kurla Complex
Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051
Boardline: +(91) 22 33704000, Direct: +(91) 22 61964057, Fax: +(91) 22 6196463

Complaints related with Merchant Banker  – Steps for Filing complaints on SCORES:

Link for SEBI SCORE : 

a. Register on SCORES portal

b. Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORE:

  • Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, E -mail ID

c. Benefits:

  • Effective communication
  • Speedy redressal of the grievances

Unclaimed Deposit Claim Format

Base Rate: Please note that Base Rate for All categories of Loans and Advances w.e.f  September 10, 2015 will be 8.90 % p.a. payable monthly.

Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR) Rates effective from 1st January 2020 are as follows:

Applies To
For January 2020
Overnight MCLR 1 day loan ( Overdrafts) 6.90%
One month MCLR >1 day and <= 1 month 6.95%
Three months MCLR >1 month and <= 3 months 7.00%
Six months MCLR > 3 months and <=6 months 7.15%
One year MCLR > 6 months and <= 1 year 7.35%
Two years MCLR > 1 year and <=2 years 7.35%
Three years MCLR >2 years and <=3 years 7.35%

Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR): The Benchmark Prime Lending Rate of the Bank stands revised to 14.75% p.a. payable monthly w.e.f. 8th August 2011.

A Reference Manual for Outward Foreign Exchange Remittance (113 ko)

BNP Paribas Citizen’s Charter

List of inoperative accounts as on October 2018

Advances to Individual Borrowers

BNP Paribas Privacy Policy

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