In these unprecedented circumstances, which first responders, patients, families and businesses face with courage, we strongly recommend that you do not lower your guard against fraud and cyber threats. Fraudsters and hackers are increasingly active; seeing opportunities to attack fragile businesses and organisations, exploiting the on-going crisis to carry out fraudulent attacks. please refer to the attached document on Fraud & Cyber Risks – Awareness kit for more information. This kit contains examples of frauds, warning signs that should alert them, videos and articles to learn more, as well as concrete tips to protect against fraud and cyber-attacks.

Cybercriminals will often use the branding of “trusted” organizations in these phishing attacks, especially the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in order to build credibility and get users to open attachments or click on the link.

Please immediately contact your Transaction Banking Sales Manager to report any such instance that you may come across. Alternatively, please write us at or call us at our toll free line 1800 267 7766 on working days, between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm.


Legal Entity Identifier Code for participation in non-derivative markets

Please note that Reserve Bank of India had mandated the requirement of Legal Identity Identifier(LEI) vide notification no. RBI/2018-19/83 FMRD.FMID.No.10/11.01.007/2018-19 dated November 29, 2018 for any non-derivative forex transactions(i.e. transactions that settle on or before the spot date) involving an amount equivalent to or exceeding USD one million or equivalent thereof in other currencies. This has been implemented in phased manner as per below schedule:

Schedule for Implementation of LEI in the Money market, G-sec market and Forex market

Phase Net Worth of Entities Proposed deadline
Phase I above Rs.10000 million April 30, 2019
Phase II between Rs.2000 million and Rs 10000 million August 31, 2019
Phase III up to Rs.2000 million March 31, 2020

We would like to reiterate and highlight that Deadline for Phase III is on 31 March, 2020 and approaching fast.

The LEI system has been implemented in a phased manner for participants (other than individuals) in the over-the-counter markets for rupee interest rate derivatives, foreign currency derivatives and credit derivatives in India in terms of RBI circular FMRD.FMID No. 14/11.01.007/2016-17 dated June 1, 2017 and for large corporate borrowers of banks in terms of RBI Circular DBR.No.BP.BC.92/21.04.048/2017-18 dated November 2, 2017

Your organization can obtain LEI from any of the Local Operating Units (LOUs) accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) ( In India LEI code may be obtained from Legal Entity Identifier India Ltd. (LEIL) ( The rules, procedures and documentation requirements may be ascertained from LEIL (

Lapsed LEI codes shall be deemed invalid for transactions in markets regulated by RBI & any non-derivative forex transactions involving an amount equivalent to or exceeding USD one million or equivalent thereof in other currencies, shall not be entertained. 

Kindly refer to below link for the detailed RBI regulation on applicability of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) & share your LEI with your Relationship Manager for our records, at the earliest:

Beware of Fictitious Offer of Prize / Lottery / Money Tranfers from Abroad – Message from the Reserve Bank of India

RBI Circular Regarding Remittance (915 ko)

Remittance Towards Lottery (92 ko)

RBI Notice on Yes Bank placed under Moratorium

IBA Circular

Circular on Covid-19 – Help Each Other, Help India 

Circular regarding increase in deposit insurance from 1 lac to 5 lacs

RBI Press Release

May 28, 2010 (53 ko)
July 30, 2009 (109 ko)
December 7, 2007 (45 ko)

Bank Service Charges

For Corporate Clients (108 ko)
For Private Banking Clients (56 ko)
ECS Charges by Bank (108 ko)

Customers Policies

  1. Customer Service Policy
  2. Customer Rights Policy
  3. Compensation Policy

BNP Paribas Policy document on
(a) immediate credit of local / outstation cheques
(b) time frame for collection of local / oustation cheques
(c) interest payment for delayed collection

BNP Paribas Cheque Collection Policy (76 ko)
BNP Paribas Deposit Policy (247 ko)

In terms of section 16 (1) of DICGC Act 1961, the limit of the total amount payable by the Corporation to any one of the depositor in respect of his/her deposits with an insured bank in the same right and capacity shall be INR 5 lakh from the February 04, 2020.

BNP Paribas – Collection of Dues and Security Repossession Policy
Customer Complaint Policy 

Policy on Customer Protection and Unauthorized Electronic Banking Transactions

BNP Paribas India is also a member of the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India, Mumbai

BNP Paribas BCSBI Code (336 ko)
MSE Code (130 ko)

Unclaimed Deposit Claim Format

Base Rate: Please note that Base Rate for All categories of Loans and Advances w.e.f  September 10, 2015 will be 8.90 % p.a. payable monthly.

Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR) Rates effective from 1st October 2020 are as follows:

Applies To
For October 2020
Overnight MCLR 1 day loan ( Overdrafts) 5.56%
One month MCLR >1 day and <= 1 month 5.61%
Three months MCLR >1 month and <= 3 months 5.66%
Six months MCLR > 3 months and <=6 months 5.81%
One year MCLR > 6 months and <= 1 year 6.01%
Two years MCLR > 1 year and <=2 years 6.01%
Three years MCLR >2 years and <=3 years 6.01%

Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR): The Benchmark Prime Lending Rate of the Bank stands revised to 14.75% p.a. payable monthly w.e.f. 8th August 2011.

BNP Paribas Citizen’s Charter

List of inoperative accounts as on September 2020

BNP Paribas Privacy Policy

RBI Kehta Hai


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