Manager / AVP – Operations Permanent Controller, UK Procedure Management

September 18, 2023

Manager / AVP – Operations Permanent Controller, UK Procedure Management


  • Standard / Permanent
  • India
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About BNP Paribas Group:

BNP Paribas is a top-ranking bank in Europe with an international profile. It operates in 71 countries and has almost 199 000 employees. The Group ranks highly in its three core areas of activity: Domestic Markets and International Financial Services (whose retail banking networks and financial services are grouped together under Retail Banking & Services) and Corporate & Institutional Banking, centred on corporate and institutional clients. The Group helps all of its clients (retail, associations, businesses, SMEs, large corporates and institutional) to implement their projects by providing them with services in financing, investment, savings and protection. In its Corporate & Institutional Banking and International Financial Services activities, BNP Paribas enjoys leading positions in Europe, a strong presence in the Americas and has a solid and fast-growing network in the Asia/Pacific region.

About BNP Paribas India Solutions:

Established in 2005, BNP Paribas India Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas SA, a leading bank in Europe with an international reach. With delivery centers located in Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai, we are a 24×7 global delivery center. India Solutions services three business lines: Corporate and Institutional Banking, Investment Solutions and Retail Banking for BNP Paribas across the Group. Driving innovation and growth, we are harnessing the potential of over 6000 employees, to provide support and develop best-in-class solutions.

About Businessline/Function :

 Within CIB ITO [Information Technology and Operations], the UK OPC [Operational Permanent Control] team is composed of 13 members, based both in the UK and in India, and reporting into BNP Paribas London Branch Management.

Its role is to support the following businesses and departments in managing their operational risk:

·       Global Banking [GB],

·       Asset Liability Management and Treasury [ALMT],

·       Financial Institutions Coverage [FIC],

·       Correspondent Banking [CBK])

·       Transversal departments (Due Diligence, Client Services, Sourcing, Outsourcing, Data Management, Business Support Services, Company Engagement, Country Project Office, etc)

 Global Markets and Securities Services are excluded from UK OPC main scope, as they are supported by other OPCs. Yet, through the UK procedure spoc role, UK OPC will have the territory oversight of the procedural framework, which will include all activities and departments under CIB in the UK.

Job Title:

Manager / AVP –  Procedure Management




ISPL Conduct & Controls



Business Line / Function:

CIB ITO – Operations

Reports to:


The Head of OPC – Financial Security and Transversal (Mumbai)


(if applicable)

Manager / AVP


The Head of UK OPC (London)

Number of Direct Reports:


Directorship / Registration:


Position Purpose

The UK procedure spoc is responsible to ensure the oversight on the procedural framework in the UK, across all CIB activities. This new role will ensure the proper alignment of the UK setup on Group, CIB and UK regulatory expectations for procedures.

The UK procedure spoc will lead the community of UK stakeholders to ensure procedures are distributed, reviewed, and implemented, exhaustively and in a timely manner.

The UK procedure spoc aims at providing UK Territory Management with the assurance that procedures are implemented across UK CIB, and at alerting Management about potential gaps.



Direct Responsibilities

1.      Act as 1LOD SME on the Procedures Governance Framework for UK CIB

2.      Manage the framework for L3 procedures in the UK

·       Manage the UK Correspondent network (nominations, training, access right, distribution list, assistance to Procedure Correspondents)

·       Participate in CIB Programme and ensure continuous improvement (framework and user community)

·       Participate in Procedure Control Committees/Boards, as and when requested

·       Monitor L3 procedures renewal / overdue status

·       Provide dashboard status on L3 UK issued procedures & report to the UK ICC (highest committee for risk management in the UK)

·       Follow up on the actions plans agreed during UK ICC and provide update at following UK ICCs

·       Follow up on data quality in MyProceduresforCIB

·       Manage UK procedure consultation pipeline including supporting authors to onboard relevant SMEs

3.      Support L3 Procedures Implementation

·       Monitor UK add-on in the central tracking for procedures issued by UK CIB

·       Consolidate / summarize new requirements (transversal), and present specific UK impacts at UK Function / Business Committees

·       Manage the dashboard of L3 UK procedures implementation status

4.      Support Group / CIB L2 and L3 procedures Implementation

·       Contribute to monitor the cascading of higher level procedures locally

·       Track information from central governance (Procedure Control Committees) for Global / Regional perimeters

·       Link each L2 procedure to the related ‘digest communication’

·       Determine the procedure implementation strategy (global vs local) for each procedure

·       Manage the dashboard of Group / CIB L2 and L3 procedures implementation

5.      Maintain the governance of the procedural framework up to date

·       Update the RACI of all the stakeholders involved in procedure management in the UK

·       Ensure the processes for cascading, reviewing and implementing procedures are relevant

·       Enhance the procedural framework as and when required (eg: to align on Group / CIB evolutions)


Contributing Responsibilities

6.      Other operational risk management missions

·       Support the UK OPC team in any other mission such as: the preparation of committee slides or the preparation of inputs for risk assessments (where procedures are a key part of the control framework), the execution of controls, the reporting of incidents, etc.

·       Similarly, the UK procedure spoc will benefit from other team members’ experience on implementing an operational risk management framework.

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

Must have:

·       Solid understanding of the role played by policies and procedures within an organization

·       Knowledge of the various types of procedural documents (Policies, procedures, charters, operating guidelines, etc,) as well as of referent levels (1, 2 and 3)

·       Ability to understand the theoretical requirements from a procedure and assess the practical impact on the processes, tools, etc.

·       Strong knowledge of CIB Banking activities (eg: GB, FIC, CBK, ALMT, GM, 2S), and key functions (RISK, Compliance, Legal, etc)

·       Ability to work with a high level of autonomy

·       Leadership to drive a community of dozens of stakeholders

·       Excellent written and oral communication skills

Additional relevant competencies:

·       Knowledge of Banking regulations (eg: CHAPS) and regulators expectations (especially UK supervisory authorities)

·       Prior experience of operational risk through previous roles in 1/2/3 LOD is a key advantage.

·       Ability to produce reporting to senior management or 2/3 LOD, highlighting key messages and risks

·       Ability to use Excel and Powerpoint proficiently, and to be quickly efficient using BNPP internal risk management tools (360, MyProceduresforCIB, etc)

Specific Qualifications (if required)

Excellent interpersonal skills and leadership are key to be successful in this role

Skills Referential

Behavioural Skills: (Please select up to 4 skills)

Personal Impact / Ability to influence

Organizational skills

Ability to deliver / Results driven

Attention to detail / rigor

Ability to synthetize / simplify

Ability to collaborate / Teamwork

Transversal Skills: (Please select up to 5 skills)

Analytical Ability

Ability to set up relevant performance indicators

Ability to inspire others & generate people’s commitment

Ability to manage / facilitate a meeting, seminar, committee, training…

Ability to develop and leverage networks

Education Level:

Master Degree or equivalent

Experience Level

At least 10 years

Other/Specific Qualifications (if required)

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