Standard Operating Procedure for seeking additional disclosures from certain objectively identified Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)

SEBI vide circular no.: SEBI/HO/AFD/AFD-PoD-2/CIR/P/2023/148 dated August 24, 2023 (hereinafter referred to as ‘August 24 SEBI circular’), has mandated obtaining additional granular disclosures of entities/ individuals having any ownership, economic interest, or control rights in the FPI that have either concentrated single corporate group exposures and/ or significant overall holdings in their India equity investment portfolio.

To harmonize the procedure amongst all FPIs / DDPs / Custodians / Depositories / Stock Exchanges / Clearing Corporations, this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been prepared by these stakeholders, in consultation with SEBI, to achieve uniformity in implementation of procedure.

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