Cash Management and Liquidity

We focus on streamlining domestic and foreign payments and collections with our end-to-end global disbursements and receivables services. This enables in improving efficiency and enhanced visibility of the cashflow leading to more accurate forecasting and strengthening supplier and customer relationships.


Managing multiple bank emails, reconciliation systems and reports has become easier with eReporting – one-stop solution for all your reporting and bank account reconciliation needs. With a single sign-on, you can now access multiple reports anytime, anywhere!

Automated Reconciliation – Simple and automated

  • E-Invoice : An in-house online invoice management and receivables solution which supports automated reconciliation of the Order-to-Cash cycle.
  • Payment Aggregator integrated solution for receiving payments 24x7x365 through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ UPI/ Net-banking
  • Integration with virtual accounts and MT940 statements for auto reconciliation

Account Structure and Liquidity Management

  • Comprehensive solution for Cash pooling with automated Target balancing and interest computation
  • Auto sweep of surplus funds into Interest bearing accounts
  • Supports all payments and Collections through a single account

1. Trade Finance

BNP Paribas offers a range of award-winning trade and supply chain finance services that helps you leverage existing supply chains, improve key relationships and optimise your working capital.

We co-create bespoke supply chain finance solutions that aid our clients’ expansion plans, manage supplier relationships, digitalise documents ns and enhance reconciliation to unlock cash and improve turnaround times.

  • Working Capital – Structured Supply Chain
    • Efficient structures to improve days payable outstanding
    • Dedicated vendor onboarding team and documentation
    • Robust technology platform for integration and comprehensive MI
  • Bank Guarantees

Bank guarantees help you to negotiate favourable terms with buyers and suppliers by protecting them from non-performance under a contract while addressing your financing needs. We offer a host of tailored solutions including performance, advance payment, tender, warranty, financial guarantees and standby letters of credit and more.

  • Import and Export Financing

BNP Paribas offers a range of export and import services that helps you build your business in 64 countries across the globe.

Range of Export Service

  • Credit bills negotiation
  • Pre-shipment financing
  • Post-shipment financing LC
  • Export bills on collection services
  • Bank line discounting

Range of Import Service

  • LC
  • Shipping guarantees,
  • Import financing
  • Buyers credit